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Big issues driving growth in 2018

Inflation is in focus for 2018, why is it so low and what will happen when it starts to rise? Plus what happens next after the housing boom? Craig shares his outlook for the sharemarket, oil prices and the AUD.

Craig James from Commsec
Recorded - Fri 8 December 2017

The Gen Y investment manifest

Rebecca Pritchard from Wealth Enhancers helps answer these key questions for Millennials who know they need to invest, but need help getting started.

Recorded - Thu 18 May 2017

The investor’s dilemma

Hope, fear, greed – how do you hold the course during periods of volatility? Karl Siegling, Portfolio Manager Cadence Capital shares with us how an active fund manager invests through the cycles and explains the dangers of that ‘comfortable feeling’ of holding too much cash.

Recorded - Thu 3 August 2017.

Marcus Padley's blueprint for sharemarket beginners

This video is from 2014, but has some valuable insights for beginners. Marcus Padley explains what it takes to get started in the sharemarket, build considerable long-term wealth - and avoid the traps. 

December 2014

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