About the Game

Game 1, 2022 trading is now open

To register or login to the new portal:

  1. Go to www2.asx.com.au.
  2. Select Login (top right hand side).
  3. If you are a previous Investor Portal user, login with your Investor Portal username and password.
  4. If you are new to the Game and not yet an Investor Portal user, select ‘Join Now.’ 
  5. Once you have logged into the portal, select the ASX Sharemarket Game and register for the Game.

If you need additional help with registering read 'How to register'.

Additionally, you can review our FAQs and trouble-shooting tips page.

The Game

The Game gives you an opportunity to learn about the sharemarket and how it works. You get $50,000 virtual cash. You can buy and sell shares in 300+ companies listed on ASX using live prices and will be charged brokerage on each trade, simulating real sharemarket conditions. The Game now also provides you with exposure to 55 ETFs and 5 LICs to diversify your portfolio.

So if you are thinking about trading but not quite ready to step in yet, the Sharemarket Game is a great way to test your strategies. Plus entry is free and there are some great prizes.

Join the Game to:

  • Gain knowledge of the sharemarket
  • Experience how to buy and sell shares
  • Test your investment strategies
  • Create a league and beat your mates
  • And maybe win some great prizes

A League of Your Own

Leagues are a really popular feature of the Game as you can participate alongside friends, family or work colleagues. It’s a great way to share your successes, learnings and have a bit of friendly competition - and maybe even take out the win!

How the Game works

  • Runs for 15 weeks
  • Buy and sell shares in any of the 200+ nominated ASX Listed companies
  • Place orders to buy or sell shares any time, however orders are only processed when the market is open
  • When processed, orders will match what is in the live market (Tradematch only)
  • Monitor your shares via your portfolio dashboard
  • Create a stop loss to protect your portfolio value

Any questions or feedback - you can ask us at share.game@asx.com.au.


Game dates

Game 1, 2022
Registrations close: 28 April 2022
Game dates: 3 March - 16 June 2022


Win Cash Prizes

Individual - Overall
First: $2,000
Second: $1,500
Third: $1,000

Leagues - 2 prizes

1) Minor League (10 and under)

First place -
Group prize $1,000 

2) Major League (11 or more)
First place -
Group prize $3,000

See Rules for more info