Announcing Game winners 

Congratulations to Savannah from Quilpie State College, QLD. Savannah won National 1st place with an impressive lead of $2,726. She finished with a portfolio value of $71,962.
Harry from Christ Church Grammar, WA took out the National 2nd place with a portfolio value of $69,236.
And just $194 behind was Geordie from Balwyn High School, VIC, with a portfolio value of $69,042.
Well done to everyone who participated in the Game!
For this Game:
  • The All Ordinaries (XAO) was up 2.5%
  • The best performing sector was energy up 7.7% followed by information technology and health care both up over 5%
  • The worst performing sector was telecommunications down -9.09%
  • The top stocks were GXY - Galaxy Resources up 92.2% and A2M - A2 Milk up 64.6% followed by BAL - Bellamy’s and BKL - Blackmores both up over 50%
  • The worst performing stocks were SKT - Sky Network down 21.5% and CAB - Cabcharge down 21.1%
  • 74% of syndicates finished in profit with the average portfolio value being $51,870.
The top syndicates used a variety of strategies, read on to discover what they did.


SavannahH - Savannah in Year 9 at Quilpie State College
Portfolio Value: $71,962
Savannah bought 9 times and sold 4 times. The stocks she invested in were GXY, CSL, AGL, BKL, AWC, CCL & SYR. When selling she took some small profits but also cut losses with a couple of non-performing stocks.
Strategy: "As electricity is essential to everyday life, I invested in an energy company (AGL Energy Ltd) as I felt like this would be a safe investment. Due to our country being a big exporter of minerals I chose to invest in 3 mineral companies: AWC - Alumina Limited, GXY - Galaxy Resources Limited and SYR - Syrah Resources Limited. I also invested in pharmaceuticals and I chose BKL - Blackmores Limited as they sell health products such as vitamins... I chose to invest in CCL - Coca Cola initially but I saw on the news that one of Australia’s biggest supermarkets were removing some Coca Cola products off the shelves and thought I would sell them and purchase more shares in what I had already invested in…"
QLD 2ND: Diamond Dogs - Darcy & Joe in Year 9 at Noosa District State High School
QLD 3RD: TheOrmeau Yowie - Patrick in year 10 at Trinity College Beenleigh


Harry in Year 10 at Christ Church Grammar School  
Portfolio Value: $69,236
Harry did quite a bit of buying and selling ultimately settling on A2M, BAL, BKL, GXY and ALU.
Strategy: "I didn’t buy any stocks straight away as I thought it was best to do some research and discuss my options on what to invest in. I found that many students charged in and were very ‘bullish’ but I decided to take a more cautious approach. So I played it safe and went with GXY - Galaxy Resources, A2M - A2 Milk and BAL - Bellamys initially, as the common trend for these companies indicated slow steady increases. With three safe and reliable investments I then decided to go with two more companies and leave it at that. Those companies where BKL - Blackmores and ALU - Altium limited, and it was soon clear that their prices were riskier and always changing.
With two risky and three safe investments, I thought that I had a good, diversified portfolio and I didn’t believe in investing in too many different companies. Altium limited did make a quick gain of $1000 but this disappeared just as quickly and I lost $500, so I sold out. I always tried to make sure that my investments were safe and in the ‘green’. I also liked to analyse the charts and I monitored my investments by creating a monthly chart and comparing that with the daily chart. I felt that if the daily and monthly comparisons provided a good indicator for a safe investment." 
WA 2ND: Max in Year 8 at Shenton College
WA 3RD: EzProfit - Grisha, Max and Oscar Year 8 at Shenton College


Geordie in Year 10 at Balwyn High School
Portfolio Value: $69,042
Geordie bought 8 times and sold 5 times. The stocks he purchased included GXY, MTR, SUL, NAN, TGR, SUL and AAD. Two of the stocks he sold at a loss, the other 3 he locked in profits.
Strategy: "During the ASX Game, I used various ASX resources available. I went on websites such as the Motley Fool and listened to people such as Roger Montgomery. From there, I picked a handful of stocks, which I investigated further. At first, I investigated which commodity they traded. Not only did I research how well the company is run and future projections, but also the stock and the sector...Then, I narrowed it down. I put the highest amount of money possible into the stock, as I have read from investors such as Warren Buffet that you make a lower amount of money by diversifying. This is how I identified the stock that made me the highest profit, GXY - Galaxy Resources and the other stocks, which I invested in."
VIC 2ND: A7 - Matthew in Year 10 at Whitefriars College
VIC 3RD: FDI - Charlene in Year 10 at Ballarat Secondary College


Blacknation - Malu, Rhonda & Steven in Year 10 at Endeavour Sports High School
Portfolio Value: $69,029
This syndicate bought 5 times and sold only once. The stocks they invested in were OSH, OZL, GXY, IGO and A2M. The stock they sold was OSH – taking profits when they sold.
Strategy: "We investigated the rises and falls of different companies - looking at the type of company and product/profits generated. An example was Galaxy, which was a Lithium miner. Also A2 Milk- which obtained a good market link with Australia and China. We chose these hoping to make the most profit."
NSW/ACT 2ND: EDP investment - Ellis & Hamish in Year 11 at Kinross Wolaroi School
NSW/ACT 3RD: Thomas in Year 9 at Kiama High School


Tarsha Micola Von - Tarsha in Year 8 at Willunga High School
Portfolio Value: $66,270
Tarsha bought 11 times and sold 6 times. She purchased ORE, A2M, TRS, EVN, TGR, CSR, OGC, PRY and GEM. When selling she took some small profits but also cut losses with a couple of non-performing stocks.
Strategy: "I didn’t exactly have a strategy in this Game but I chose some of the companies because they had just been at their lowest all year and were beginning to rise again. I chose A2 Milk because I have heard of them and I anticipated that they would do well and have heard that they have done well previously."
SA/NT 2ND: Sors Retorta - Imran in Year 11 at St Philip's College
SA/NT 3RD: Imogen Leverington in Year 8 at Willunga High School 


Sean in Year 11 at Hellyer College
Portfolio Value: $65,368
Sean bought and held for the Game. The stocks he invested in were A2M, SYR, ORE and MSB.
Strategy: "My strategy was similar to the strategy applied by many high-ranking investors, that strategy being to buy and hold my shares with the goal not to lose money. Instead of purchasing my stocks at the start of the game, I waited until the price came down so I could make a good profit. I steered clear from shares paying dividends, and I followed up on all the current events which helped beef up my portfolio.
I bought my stocks understanding that they had projects which would lead to an inevitably profit, so I tried to limit speculation when purchasing my shares. I was going to sell when I was ranked first for the top 100 and buy new shares, but I didn't because I wanted to stay with my buy/hold strategy which made a prodigious profit for me."
TAS 2ND: Satans Embassy - Sophie in year 10 at Scotch Oakburn College 
TAS 3RD: Hellyer04 - James, Jarrod & Kade in Year 11 & 12 at Hellyer College
Special mention to our New Zealand and International top syndicates: 
New Zealand 1ST - Wall St Milk from Kings College
International 1ST - Evan from Australian International School
The company list has been updated for the entire Game period - 17 Aug - 25 Oct
Well done to everyone who played the Game, we hope you had fun and learnt a lot. 
The Games Team