Announcing Game winners 

Wow, what a close finish! 
There was only $287 between National 1st and 3rd place and just $11 between National 3rd and 4th place.

Congratulations to:

  • Bill from Sydney Boys High, NSW who won National 1st place with a portfolio value of $59,704. 
  • Tim, also from Sydney Boys High, who took out the National 2nd place with a portfolio value of $59,488.
  • And Lachlan from Helensvale State High School, QLD who claimed National 3rd place, with a portfolio value of $59,417.

For this Game:

  • The All Ordinaries (XAO) was up 2.67%
  • The best performing sectors were energy up 15.7% followed by materials up by 9.36%
  • The worst performing sector was telecommunications down 13.6% 
  • The top stocks were BPT – Beach Energy up 38.15% followed by WTC – WiseTech Global up 32.12% 
  • The worst performing stocks were ISU – iSelect down 56.03% followed by AGI, VRL and RFG all down over 30%. 
  • 42% of syndicates finished in profit with the average portfolio value being $49,901

The top syndicates used a variety of strategies, read on to discover what they did.


Dog Day Afternoon - Bill in Year 10 at Sydney Boys High 
Portfolio Value: $59,704
Bill bought IPH, TGR - Tassal, WTC - WiseTech and MFG - Magellan Financial. He bought and held for the Game selling MFG on the last day.
Strategy: “I believe that the key to winning is to be patient. Instead of buying shares instantly when the Game started, I decided to do some research on many companies from different sectors in order to develop a greater understanding of the sharemarket. After all the investigation, I bought 4 shares and payed close attention to their current activity and projects. At first, my shares weren’t that successful. However, I still held it since I believe that they should definitely rise again from the small drop. Around two weeks before the Game ended, my shares finally started to rise sharply which allowed me to make a profit of $7000. This indicates the importance of background research on the shares that you are buying and ultimately, the patience that one needs to have while playing the Sharemarket Game.” 


Sultans of Swing - Tim in Year 11 at Sydney Boys High
Portfolio Value: $59,488
Tim purchased NHC - New Hope, WHC - Whitehaven, STO - Santos, CTX - Caltex and BPT - Beach Energy. He held these stocks for about a month and then sold them, mostly locking in profits. He then purchased these stocks again, later selling CTX and purchasing WPL – Woodside Petroleum.
Strategy: “This was the second Year that I was involved the ASX Sharemarket Game. Having been unsuccessful to make the top three the first year I played, this year I came back with a vengeance. I was determined to get to first place. This is how I came close: Being a man of tradition I went into the competition with the exact same strategy as previous...To invest in energy, and energy only…as the Game progressed so did my quest to the top. I was in profit and increasing steadily, until one day I checked and saw that I was overall 8th! I was ecstatic. 
This was the furthest I had ever gone, and to be honest, 8th was the furthest I ever thought I would go, until I checked a couple days later and found myself in 5th and the next day I found myself in 1st place. At this point I was tempted to sell all my shares, but I took the risk and persevered. 
I was first for about 2 weeks but I wouldn't enjoy this for long, because tensions between Trump and North Korea began to rise. I was told there was a 30% chance that the market may drop, I panicked and sold all my shares. I regretted my decision, as the next day the market rose and I thought all hope was lost, 4 days later I was overtaken I was put in 6th place, then a couple days later 16th and eventually 32nd place. 
I felt defeated …but I couldn't just sit there and feel sorry for I invested back into energy...The growth was slow, but it was there…Eventually I was back into the loop, gaining momentum and gunning for the top, then the shares stagnated…and I was stuck in 8th place. I was sure that this was the end. As I sat on $57,000 in the last 2 days, the one in number 1 was at $59,000. 
Now in order to win I had to do the impossible; gain $2000 in one day. There was no way that I could do that! I logged off and vowed to never check it again…The next day, in economics I was tapped on the shoulder. I looked behind, I was told that I had come 2nd in ASX I didn't believe it. I thought it was just a prank. I had to see for myself. I logged on, and to my surprise I saw my name, Sultans of Swing in 2nd place…There's a saying that goes: "it's not about the destination, it's about the journey". In this case the journey from 1st to 32nd back to 8th and ultimately to 2nd is a journey that I would never have expected. However the destination of $500 is nice.”
NSW 3RD: 7 - Belle, Nikki, Zile, Tracy in Year 11 at Northern Beaches Secondary College


Lachlan in Year 10 at Helensvale State High School
Portfolio Value: $59,417
Lachlan bought 11 times and sold 6 times. Selling to lock in some profits and buying some of the same stocks again.
Strategy: “The strategies that I used for the ASX Sharemarket Game started with deciding whether I wanted to play passive, aggressive or both. I decided I would play aggressive as I had nothing to lose. 
Through my own research I discovered that oil companies and banking institutions would make the most significant increase to share value. I then invested in the top 3 oil companies and a bank that had the greatest daily change. Hoping that it would rise. As time progressed my portfolio value kept increasing until at one stage I was second overall in Australia. I realised whatever I was doing, was succeeding. I held what I had instead of making regular trades in fear that I would lose what I had earned. 
Toward the end of the Game I took my shares out of a company and invested in a new company dropping me down to 17th place, however, my risk paid off as the company grew quickly. I didn’t want to make any more trades as I was happy with my overall financial position and as soon as the Game ended I had made a significant increase in rank leaving me 3rd overall within Australia and Queensland State champion.”
QLD 2ND: FDB123--M - Danny and Finn in Year 11 at Brisbane Grammar School
QLD 3RD: Bicycle Lords - Will & Max in Year 10 at Marist College


LocalFishShop - Jackson in Year 9 at Carey Baptist Grammar School
Portfolio Value: $59,395
Jackson bought and sold a lot, often selling and buying back into the same stocks.
Strategy:  “In this Game, I tried numerous strategies…some of which worked extremely poorly. The first strategy was to buy and hold blue chips, which didn’t work when the market crashed towards the start of the Game. With just over one month left I realized that the market had reached rock bottom and was starting to recover in a bullish fashion, so I chose to buy and hold high-volatility growth stocks such as Wisetech (WTC), Netwealth (NWL) and (KGN). I went from 46.8k to 59.5k in 16 trading days!” 
VIC 2ND: Beast FC - Andre, Gian and Terry in Year 11 at Brunswick Secondary College
VIC 3RD: BOHRP12 - Bridie in Year 12 at Rainbow P-12 College


Saad in Year 11 at Narrabundah College
Portfolio Value: $57,889
Strategy: “My strategy was to focus on global news and the events affecting the prices of global commodities. I keenly followed the prices of aluminium, steel and oil with US sanctions impacting the prices of these commodities. I held shares in BPT – Beach Energy, AWC - Alumina, EVN – Evolution Mining, STO - Santos, IPH. I started with 4 blue-chip stocks but quickly realized that they were not going to win me the Game. I took some risks, going into speculative stocks. But after purchasing stocks in lots of companies, I achieved a return of 18%, just enough to edge out the second placed ACT participant.”
ACT 2ND: Zack in Year 10 at Canberra Grammar School
ACT 3RD: Sam in Year 9 at Brindabella Christian College


Buckman - Harry in Year 11 at Applecross Senior High School
Portfolio Value: $57,764
Strategy: “Throughout the duration of the Game, my strategy was to do the opposite of what real life guidelines recommend.  In a Game that only lasts 8 weeks, I invested in a number of small companies in industries such as Biomedical Technology, Mining Exploration and Software Services; industries that are extremely risky, and companies within these industries that contain the capacity to suddenly increase in value over a very short amount of time.  An example of this is Wisetech Global, whose stock I invested in at the very beginning of the Game, and the price almost doubled over the duration of the Game.  Overall, I held my stocks, choosing to see value change and increase over time, rather than to quickly buy and sell stocks that were experiencing growth.  And by holding onto my stock, which experienced drastic falls over the first month of the Game, eventually their prices rose, and won me the state division for Western Australia.”
WA 2ND: JP Investments - James in Year 11 at Christ Church Grammar School
WA 3RD: Caring is Sharing - Kaelan, Sarah, Scott and Wouter in Year 11 at All Saints College


Harp - Emily in Year 12 at The Hutchins School 
Portfolio Value: $57,478
Strategy: “My strategy was to buy only in highly volatile companies rather than blue chip companies because I thought that they were most likely to achieve larger returns on investment in a short time span.  This strategy led me to invest mainly in energy companies because my thinking was that their share price could potentially increase rapidly if they find a new source of resources.  
When choosing my shares, I analysed their current trend and I only bought into those companies that currently had a low value.  I initially invested in 4 companies WPL - Woodside Petroleum, CTX - Caltex, API - Australian Pharmaceutical and STO - Santos across the 10 week period of time I did not trade any of my shares, not even when values started to drop after the first few weeks due to market instability.  I saw this as a short term issue which, for the majority of my shares ended up to be a correct assumption.”
TAS 2ND: Karl - Alex in Year 11 at The Hutchins School 
TAS 3RD: Eric in Year 12 at Hellyer College


Walskate15 - Kate in Year 11 at Trinity College Senior School
Portfolio Value: $56,506
Kate’s fpur stocks were AAC – Australian Agricultural, ALL – Aristocrat, APA and BPT – Beach Energy.  She was fully invested only having $2.48 cash. She held for the period of the Game.
Strategy: “I minimized diversification by investing in only four stocks and looked for relatively small and volatile stocks.”
SA/NT 2ND: Gucci Gang hub inc - Brendon & Michael in Year 9 at St Michael's College
SA/NT 3RD: Quick Maths - Luke, Mack, Nic, Wil at Prince Alfred College


Drachma - Nikolaos in Year 10 at Casuarina Senior College
Portfolio Value: $54,237
Strategy: "The strategy that I used in the ASX Schools Share Market Game was not to put all of my eggs in one basket. I bought shares in several different companies that where in different industry sectors. This way I was able to maximise the chances of getting a daily increase.
I researched the companies and put money into companies that looked like they could make a good return. I also looked at what was happening in Australia and how that might affect companies and their share prices.  I also trusted that the big companies would know what they were doing and earning a good profit for the share holders.  However, I did get caught buying Westpac shares and then the Banking Royal Commission had an impact on bank share prices.  Fortunately I didn’t buy shares in AMP.  

Another strategy that I used was to go through most of the companies listed and look at the share price history mostly over a 6 month period to see how much each share price went up or down over time so that I could see the average worth of the shares that I was going to invest in.

This is my first time playing the ASX Share Market Game. It gave me a good overview of public companies and how the share market works.  I will certainly look at buying shares as an investment in the future once I’m working."
NT 2ND: Gangerson - Theodoros in Year 11 at Casuarina Senior College
NT 3RD: Michael in Year 11 at Casuarina Senior College
Special mention to our New Zealand and International top syndicates: 
New Zealand 1ST - Match Point from Aquinas College Tauranga
International 1ST - Naitsabes from IGB International School
The company list has been updated for the entire Game period.
Well done to everyone who played the Game, we hope you had fun and learnt a lot. 
We’d love your feedback, how did you like playing the Game – let us know in our end of Game survey.
The Games Team