How to guides

If you are unsure as to how the Game works, please work through the How to guides and Video tutorials, these will take you through step by step on how to use your Game pages.

Trading FAQ's

Can I trade at any time? Orders can be placed any time of the day; however, if orders are placed when ASX Trade is closed they will not be processed until TradeMatch opens on the next business day. On a normal trading day the orders will be processed as they occur between 10:00 AM and 4:10 PM, there is also a Closing Single Price Auction from 4:10 PM to 4:12 PM. Please refer to the Game Rules page for more details. If you are looking to place an order for the next day, it would be best to do this after 4.12 pm.

I made a mistake – can I cancel or amend my order? You may cancel your order in 'Orders pending' by clicking on 'Delete'. Orders can also be amended by selecting 'amend'. This 'amend' page will give details of your original order and then allows you to amend the order by number of shares and/or the order type ('market to limit' or 'limit' order). Please be aware that this order may already be processed.

Why isn't my order being processed? If your order isn't being processed there are a number of things you need to check. Read 'Pending orders' for additional help.

Can I place as many orders as I want? You can only place 20 orders per day. See Game rules for more information.

Can I put all my money in one company? There is a 25% diversification rule in the Game, which means you cannot purchase a quantity of shares in one particular company which results in the value of your total holding in that company comprising 25% or more of your total portfolio value at the time of purchase.

Is there a minimum dollar amount of shares that can be bought and sold in the Game? There is no minimum dollar amount of shares that can be bought and sold in the Game. You may buy any dollar amount provided you comply with the diversification rule. However, you need to keep in mind the brokerage you pay may outweigh any capital gain from a small parcel of shares.

How do I know which orders have been processed? Either click on the 'Refresh/reload' button on your browser or click on the 'Refresh page' button on the 'Orders pending' page. If the order has been processed it will disappear from 'Orders pending' and you will see the transaction listed on the transactions page.

How long will an order stay in Pending orders? An order will stay in pending orders until it is either processed or deleted by the user.

I can’t sell because I don’t have enough money for brokerage. If your account doesn’t cover the brokerage cost, you can still sell and then the brokerage will be taken out after the trade has been processed.

What is brokerage and how much is the brokerage fee? There is no fee when an order is placed but when that order is filled and a trade occurs the stockbroker will charge a fee - this is their fee for buying and selling the shares. The brokerage charge can vary depending on the type of broker a person is using. In the Game brokerage will be charged against the theoretical portfolio value on each purchase or sale of shares at the rate of $20.00 for each trade up to and including the value of $10,000.00. For each trade over $10,000.00 value, brokerage at the rate of 0.2% of the trade value will be charged.

Where can I find upcoming dividends? Dividends can be found on the Dividend+ page. This page will have dividends and other company announcements that are relevant to your portfolio. You can also find other company actions on your transaction page under notes.

What is the ex-date? 'Ex-date' refers to the day shares are traded, 'ex' or without their dividend or capital return. This means, if XYZ Company is paying a dividend or capital return which goes 'ex' on 27 October, if you buy shares in XYZ Company on 27 October you would not receive the dividend or capital return. You would however receive a dividend/capital return if you bought and held shares in XYZ Company on 26 October. The 'ex-date' in the Game also refers to when you can expect to receive your dividends or capital returns. On the 'ex-date' your dividends/ capital returns will be itemized in the 'Trading statement' which is part of the Portfolio page.

Registration and logging in FAQ's


Can I register for the Game? No, a teacher needs to register you and then add you as a syndicate. They will then give you a Login ID and password. Please make sure you do not save this ID and password on any computer. And always make sure you log out.

How do I login? See our login help guide here.

Can I change my Syndicate name or password? Syndicate names cannot be changed once you have started trading. Your teacher will need to contact the Game Coordinator if a syndicate name needs to be changed. If you require your password to be changed, please ask your teacher to do this.

Who do I contact if I have any questions about the Game? Please speak with your teacher first. Your teacher will then contact the ASX Game Coordinator if they need help.

What if the Game isn't played at my school, and I want to play? You don't have to play the Game as part of a subject. However, you do need a teacher to register for the Game and then add you (the student) as a syndicate. All you need to do is ask a teacher, if they will register for the Game and then create a syndicate for you. They can then give you your Login ID and password so that you can play.

I think someone has logged into my account and placed a trade, what can I do? First, let your teacher know and ask them to change your password for you immediately. Make sure you don't save your login details on any computer that you share with others. Also make sure you password isn't too easy to guess.

I am having problems logging in, what can I do? Please work through the steps in this login help guide.


Please see Teacher FAQ's here.