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Sign in with your Login ID and password. Please note: Your Login ID is a number, it is not your syndicate name.

(If you don't know your Login ID or password, please see your teacher who can provide these details for you.)

If you're having problems logging in please try the following:

  1. Please make sure the URL of this page is
  2. Have you copied and pasted in your details.
  3. If you get an error, be sure to clear your cache before trying again.
  4. Have you checked your login details with your teacher?
  5. Have you tried in an incognito browser?
  6. Have you tried in a different browser - please try both Chrome and Firefox or if on a Mac - Safari?
  7. Have you tried on a different computer?

‚ÄčIf you have tried all of the above and are still having issues, please speak with your teacher.