Game lesson plans

Quickstart lessons

Quickstart lessons
These lesson plans have been designed for Years 9 and 10. They include 3 quickstart and 4 supplementary lessons.

The quickstart lessons are intended to help you introduce the sharemarket and the Game as well as give students' guidance on how to get started in 3 quick lessons. These 3 lessons can stand alone as they will equip students with enough information to get started in the Game, research companies and decide on a strategy.

The supplementary lessons are in no particular order so you can choose which lessons to do with your students. The lessons have also been designed so that if you want, students can work through them on their own. Some lessons include additional resources – which can be added to the lesson.

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Below are the teacher notes and student lessons combined.

Student only worksheets can be found on the 'How to play' page. NEW - all student worksheet are now editable online. 


Quickstart Lessons

Download resources

Lesson 1 plan

The ASX Sharemarket Game
Game videos and student lessons can be found on the 'How to play' page.

Please note: The place an order page will not be activated until Game play starts on 19 August.
However, students can still watch these videos and answer the questions so that they are familiar with how the Game works and are ready for when the Game starts.

Teachers quickstart lesson 1: The ASX Schools Sharemarket Game

Class action activity (PDF 27KB)

ASX video tutorials:
What is the sharemarket?
What is share?

Lesson 2 plan Company research

Teachers quickstart lesson 2: Researching a company (1.7MB)

ASX video tutorial: What is a dividend
Sectors list - this shows how the sectors in the Game fit into the GICS sectors. (PDF 48KB)

Company quest activity

Lesson 3 plan Your Game Plan

Teachers quickstart lesson 3: Your Game plan (PDF 1.2MB)

Keeping track journal - PDF (170KB)
Keeping track journal - Word (5KB)


Supplementary lessons

Download resources

Lesson 1 plan The ASX charts

Teachers supplementary lesson 1: Using the ASX charts (PDF 1.3MB)

Company quest activity (PDF 132KB)

Lesson 2 plan Money and risk management

Teachers supplementary lesson 2: Managing risk: diversification and sectors (1.3MB)

Audio: Aggressive or defensive MP3 (2.3MB) (Recorded 2009)

Lesson plan 3: The economy and the sharemarket Teachers supplementary lesson 3: Impact of the economy and global events (1.7MB)
Lesson plan 4: History of the sharemarket: booms & busts Teachers supplementary lesson 4: History – booms & busts (2.6MB)


Original teacher lessons

These lessons have more economics concepts in them and more explanation of how the market operates. Some of the lessons are more suited to older students.

You can download the complete teacher lesson plan book here (PDF 5MB). This includes both teacher notes and student lessons.

Student worksheets are now editable onlune an can be accessed from the 'How to play' page.




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